Clinical research & trials

Langeberg Clinical Trials is a dedicated clinical trial centre, located at Langeberg Medicross, near the hub of Cape Gate.

This clinical research centre has been conducting clinical rials for the past 20 years. These trials are conducted on new medicines under development, on behalf of multinational pharmaceutical companies, who are in the process required to bring these new medicines to market. These clinical trials are usually quite large trials, taking place in many countries around the world at the same time.

Clinical research in South Africa is very strictly regulated, with oversight by SAHPRA, as well as national ethics committees. SAHPRA, an entity of the National Department of Health. SAHPRA assumed the roles of both the Medicines Control Council (MCC) as well as the Directorate of Radiation Control (DRC). International clinical trials also fall under the jurisdiction of overseas regulatory authorities, such as the FDA in the United States. 

The investigators at Langeberg Clinical Trials have 20 years of experience in clinical research, and have participated in over 80 clinical trials. Dr Trokis has served as National Principal Investigator for South Africa on some trials, and also serves as a member of the data monitoring committee on an international clinical trial currently being conducted in South Africa.

For a patient, being a participant in a clinical trial offers one the opportunity to receive the most modern medicines at the cutting edge of scientific development. Not only are the medicines free of charge, all doctor visits related to the trial, as well as any tests involved are free. A travel fee for each visit is paid to ensure that the patient incurs no costs to attend visits to the trial centre.